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Scholl Foothealth Centres are leading footwear specialists in Malta. You can find the best of the footwear from Scholl shoes, Gabor, Camel Active, Naturalizer, and Startrite children’s shoes. Scholl footwear solutions use the latest technologies and innovations to ensure your feet are housed in the finest footwear. Adults can expect Scholl Bioprint in footwear which uses the very latest in biomechanical design to give you total walking comfort. Children’s shoes are expertly fitted, and the ranges reflect the requirements for different ages. In addition to fantastic shoes, you can seek expert advice in Podiatry in Scholl Foothealth Centres, and there are Podiatrist appointments available to give your feet excellent treatment and care. There are also a wide range of Scholl footcare products available to keep your feet happy and healthy. Scholl users everywhere receive real comfort and value from our products. For expert advice and a full range of products, explore this site, or visit one of the stores located in Sliema, Valletta, Mosta, Fgura, and Victoria (Gozo).


William Scholl was an inventor and entrepreneur who created products to comfort feet. In the 60's, he designed a simple wood sandal with a brightly coloured strap inspired by a vintage clog he found on his travels. He set out to make a shoe that was good for one's health and ended up creating an enduring fashion icon. Today, we share his same passion and approach. Our vision is to create innovative footwear with uncomplicated, playful style for a healthier life. We obsess as much about how shoes feel when you slip them on, as how your feet feel at the end of the day. We strive to make active feel at ease. With the belief that function and fashion should always be in perfect harmony, we design for your everyday life in the real world. We're inspired by natural beauty that is timeless and relaxed. We love effortless style no matter the season, the authentic heritage of American design, and fashion that's simple, yet full of surprises. Our heritage is one where well-being and fashion meet unexpectedly and it's in the unlikely union where we find inspiration and discover endless possibilities.

Gabor Shoes AG based in Rosenheim is a leading manufacturer of high-quality ladies’ fashion shoes. Alongside the latest styles, fit and quality of workmanship are the essential features of the Gabor shoe brand. The family business has been in existence for more than 60 years and is owner-managed by Achim Gabor in the 2nd generation. The many years of experience form the basis for what the company calls “Gabor Quality”. Only the highest requirements of each pair of shoes have made Gabor into a traditional brand. But tradition isn’t everything. The last few years have been characterised by the introduction of new technologies and product lines. Licences for handbags, children’s shoes and shoe care complete the range of products. Rollingsoft is a new product line for the growth segment of health and wellbeing.

With 220 years of experience and expertise, Start-rite are dedicated to creating quality, durable, stylish-fitted footwear designed especially for children of all ages. Children’s feet are continually developing – from the moment they learn to crawl, right into their late teens. We’re here to help parents make the best and most informed decisions on ensuring the well-being of their children, especially when it comes to the healthy development of their children’s feet. That’s why we’re passionate about educating parents on the importance of fitted footwear and what to look for when buying children’s shoes.

Foot Care

William Mathias Scholl was born in 1882 in Indiana — the grandson of a cobbler and farmer. His expertise in foot care started as a boy when he borrowed his grandfather's tools to repair shoes to earn extra money. He went on to earn a medical degree in 1904, and started his own company, Dr. Scholl Inc. Dr. William Scholl's expertise in shoes combined with his medical background allowed him to develop many of the innovative solutions available today. During his lifetime, he helped bring more than 1,000 foot care products to people all around the world. Today, the makers of Scholl products continue to advance the science of foot care with the same enthusiasm that young William Scholl did all those years ago.

Shoe Care

Collonil has been manufacturing the world’s premium leather care products since 1909. Decades of ongoing research and development, collaboration with leather manufacturers and close attention to market trends set Collonil apart from the competition. Collonil customers know that “Made in Germany” means a commitment to providing the world’s best care for your shoes, handbags and other valuable leather goods.